What’s a machismo

A man who controls everything a woman does from work to home. Timing everything, call checkups to see if they clocked in or out , even calling friends to see if they are there. Timing everything while being out and wanting you back home a certain time, picking your friends, wanting your location on, who your allowed to talk to and who’s allowed to talk to you, what you can wear and cannot wear around friends and them. Some men expect them to have dinner ready by supper or before coming home from work and have kids ready for bed plus house clean. Having their friends over for drinks and making you serve them food with drinks whenever they ask. Some called a slave or maid. Mexico is damn wrong because the kids have mental issues later in life and they suffer. No it isn’t ok. Some kids beg to leave and to go away from them but they don’t leave because of fear, manipulation, or those who have no citizenship the immigration, threats, or separating from their child and going back to Mexico becoming homeless or dying. There’s so many excuses but people don’t understand until they been in the shoes of the person being hurt. People can die and get badly hurt to end up in the hospital, get stalked and never left alone. So no it’s not easy for those who say it is no it’s not. Who are you to judge if you aren’t perfect either. Just leave it in God’s hands and pray for them that one day they will have the strength to leave.

violence in family is not good with children.

“Do as I say or you’ll regret it,” is no way to tell a human who will suffer emotionally later in life.

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